My Favourite Things

People often ask what my favourite restaurants are. I can never give them a straight answer ~ I find that my favourite restaurants often do one or two dishes amazingly well, but it’s rare that I can recommend a restaurant’s entire menu whole-heartedly.

So here are my favourite places for different dishes – I feel confident in doing that. I take no responsibility for the -other- dishes on their menu!

Indian Dosa: Saravanah Bhavan for Paper Masala Dosa & Rava Onion Masala Dosa, Madras Masala (Christie Pits) for Lamb Dosa.

Samosas: Sultan of Samosas for Spicy Beef Samosa, Spinach Cheese Samosa, Lentil/Daal Samosa

Izakayas: Fin Izakaya for their Takoyaki and Chili Ebi Mayo

Cheap Sushi Rolls: Sushi Bong for their Spicy Salmon Roll and Dynamite Roll

Spicy Tofu Soup: Buk Chang Dong Soondooboo for their Mixed Tofu Soup or Dumpling Tofu Soup

Gyros: Messinis for their Chicken Gyro or Lamb Gyro, but Folia Grill for their Gyro meat platter.

Souvlaki: Folia Grill has amazing pork belly souvlaki with amazing grilled crispness and lemon marinade.

Zucchini Fries: Also at Folia Grill, the only place I’ve had it, and I’ve had it three times in the past 2 months ~ and want to go back, now.

Pasta: Zucca Trattoria has been solid for fresh-made pasta, though I’m rather liking Quince Bistro just next door as well.

Pide (Turkish pizza): Shirin Kebab (Vic Park / Eglinton) has great crispy pide.

Burger: Burger’s Priest at their Queen & Coxwell Location, Double w/ Works w/ Smoke, no onions. Other locations are hit/miss.

Tacos:  El Trompo in Kensington (their Al Pastor was very good),  super affordable. Seven Lives’ Lengua Tacos are pricier but taste fantastic. La Carnita & Grand Electric are on the to-try list.

HK Style Tea: Marathon Coffee & Donuts in Scarborough

Tamales: Boulevard Cafe for their Peruvian appetizer tamales

Fries: Gilead Cafe’s fries are so amazingly crispy (peanut-oil fried), they don’t sog under poutine gravy.

Poutine: Utopia Cafe & Grill’s Lamb Merguez Sausage & Brie Poutine. Banh Mi Boyz’ Kimchi Fries.

Brunch: Croque Madame or Roast Beef Baguette at Bonjour Brioche, West Coast Toast (amazing buttery hollandaise) at Easy Restaurant.

Black Sesame Ice Cream: Inakaya

Gelato: Il Gelatiere Artigionale for Pistachio, Chocolate, & Grapefruit only, Kekou Gelato for Oolong Tea, HK Tea, Viet Coffee

Almond Croissant: Le Thobors Boulangerie for buttery dense chewy almond croissants, Mabel’s & Nadege also fantastic.

Chocolate Croissant & Apple Turnover: Delysees’ are ridiculously good. Airy, ethereal, collapses on bite.

Thai: Sukho Thai for their Khao Soi and Chicken Green Curry.

Mutton Rolls: Babu (Sheppard/McCowan) has the best mutton rolls, hands down.

Italian Veal Sandwich: Mustachio’s at Kensington Market for their Veal & Eggplant. So thin and crispy, and all toppings gratui.