To-Eat List

I constantly come across great restaurant recommendations, but I also often lose track of these restaurants. I figure it makes sense for me to start jotting down these places somewhere.  If anyone wants to check these places out, gimme a shout.  More ppl = more dishes to share.

Bestellen – great in-house dry-aged meats.

Jacob & Co – one of Toronto’s premiere steakhouses. not cheap but well worth it. dry-aged meats and garlicky caesar salads.

Hopper Hut – Sri Lankan place in Scarborough, w/ hoppers and leaf-wrapped lampreys.

Sabai Sabai – Chef Nuit of Khao San Road’s “less typical” thai food experiment playground

Gabardine – I keep seeing insanely creative dishes coming out of Gabardine’s twitter feed

Hopgoods Foodliner – Halifax Donairs, word.

Cafune – Brazilian cafe in Cabbagetown; Also, Jungle Juice on College has similarly good fare.

Los Arrieros – Colombian Restaurant around Bloor/Jane

A-OK Foods – a melange of chinese-korean-mexican flavours, without the pretentiousness of “fusion”, from the guys behind Yours Truly.