Easy Restaurant

Easy Restaurant
713 College St West, TORONTO, ON
(416) 535-2222

Date of Visit: 2012.08.26

Sunday morning farewell brunch with a friend going to China, he had picked Easy Restaurant in Little Italy. Small patio out front, well-ventilated seating area with bright colours and decor, definitely makes it an easy Sunday morning.


The service was fantastic, with coffees constantly topped off – I don’t think we ever saw the bottom of the cups. Choosing an item from the menu was very difficult. I was intrigued by the Huevos Divorciados (eggs with red/green salsa, guacamole, ancho jam, on a corn tortilla) and Toast Soldiers (soft boiled eggs with toast strips for dipping). But those will have to wait until next time!


The West Coast Toast ($12.95) – 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, red onions on English muffins, with hollandaise sauce, fresh dill and black caviar, with salad or homefries (better yet, they let you get half/half salad AND homefries). The first thing I smelled when the dish arrived was the butteriness of the hollandaise. I don’t think I’ve ever had that experience before with eggs benny – definitely a welcome surprise. The muffins nicely toasted with some crunchy edges, eggs properly poached and runny all over the plate, the black caviar on top adding a salty, oceanic punch to your tastebuds, fresh dill still aromatic — all the ingredients had oomph and were great separate and together. The salad was tossed in a light tart vinegraite, and the fresh-broiled homefries were small red potatoes halves, with crunchy edges and some light herbs and seasoning.