Taste of Lawrence Festival 2015: At A Glance

The Taste of Lawrence Festival kicks off the street festival season in Toronto, featuring many of the street food vendors you’re likely to see at other insanely crowded festivals. I think it’s one of the few festivals that is still a manageable size/crowd, yet still offers a huge variety of ethnic offerings. I took a stroll through the festival on Friday night, to scout out and highlight some of the stalls and grills.

Grills & Sizzles

Chifles on the Run had these plump Colombian sausages on skewers that were definitely enticing me to try. First time I’ve seen them on the scene, and I hope they’ll be sticking around for a while!


Filipino grocer FV Foods set up tents and seating in front of their store, with wonderful aromas wafting.


Liko’s Hawaiian BBQ were grilling pineapple meat skewers, with grass hut storefront that stood out from the other stalls.



Old & New Classics

I’m glad to see so many non-traditional food vendors returning to the Taste of Lawrence Festival. It’s certainly a sign that there is a market for global street food – from Malaysian Murtabak to chinese seafood grills,

For the less adventurous, Blooming Onions, Tornado Fries, and Funnel Cakes are still a mainstay of the street fest scene, so there’s something for everyone.

Malaysian Murtabak, one of two Murtabak regulars on the streetfood scene. I prefer Malaysian Kitchen aka Pondicherri catering, but still a nice treat to see roti tossed to order!


The plantains and pulled pork looked incredible enticing!


onion_bloomseafood_grill squid


New Stalls

Several stalls were new to me, that I didn’t recognize from previous events. They attracted reasonably large crowds, so kudos to them for their hard work and brave new ventures!





Food Trucks

Food Trucks were more numerous than in past years. While old stand-bys like Tiny Tom’s Donuts and Burger/Fries trucks were in attendance, a fair number of food trucks seemed to be new to the festival. Samosas, tacos, and a dessert pastry called “Chimneys” (soft tube-shaped pastry, filled with nutella) were on the scene.